Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Actually Like Summer School?!

I remembered today why I love teaching.
Summer school doesn't allow any behavior kids and it makes such a difference in my day.
School is SO MUCH FUN! 
We can be silly and goofy and have such a good time together.  

My classes are so sweet and caring.  I literally almost face planted when I tripped on my computer cord and there were so many, "Are you okay Mrs. Wolfe!?" And when the Promethean Board wasn't going my way the kids sat so quietly and patiently while I tried to figure it out.  IT WAS AMAZING! 

Today we were playing Around the World addition and two boys tied on EVERY card...they were doing awesome!  My class was laughing hysterically because every time I flipped the card they shouted the answer in unison.  Even I couldn't help but laugh until my eyes watered.  
"Mrs. Wolfe! You're face is all red!!"
I love these moments.
I wish we had more moments like these. 

Today I am smiling....a lot


  1. It's good to have days like that so you know why you love to teach.

  2. yeah! I am so glad you are enjoying summer school! I bet it helps that it is a group of different kids/ages!! :) See you Sunday!