Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Today was a very special day.
My 23 little friends graduated into the big world of first grade.
There were lots of bows and ties. 
Fancy shoes.

Our graduation ceremony was a big hit.
We had a huge turnout of family.
My students sang I'm Gonna Miss You...which brought on some tears by both parents and students...and Dr. Jean's Cool Bear Hunt.  We ended our performance with Linger, an old camp favorite.
This year has been difficult. 
Our group of students has been challenging behaviorally...but as I was watching my students I couldn't help but feel proud and a little sad that tomorrow is our last day together.  They have grown so much from that first day.   Wow have they learned so much.
Please raise your juice boxes...Here's to you Kindergarten class of 2010! I know you will be successful.  Remember, everything you need to know you have learned here in Kindergarten. I know you will be good people, positive contributors to society...kind. I hope the next time you hear Pomp and Circumstance you are walking across the stage at your high school and college graduations. 
You have taught me more than you'll know.
I'm Gonna Miss You! 


  1. What a lovely day for everyone.

  2. It makes me want to cry! ~Elizabeth