Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Weekend

Ahhhh! I love that it's Saturday!

Yesterday was a difficult day...we had a red lockdown at school which is a HIDE UNDER THE TABLES AND NOT TALK type of lockdown. It means there is someone dangerous in our school. We were eating lunch in the lounge and quickly shut all the blinds and closed the doors. I think we were all a little freaked out...not knowing what was going to happen next...and plus all our kids were in the lunchroom eating. It turns out no one was actually in our school...there was someone with a gun across the street at the supermarket. Haha I sound like a seasoned inner city school teacher.  "No big deal! There was just a gunman across the de da."  

I think my students have realized that school will be ending soon.  WOA yesterday was CRAZY!  When we were doing calendar I pointed out the last day of Kindergarten.
"After this day you'll be FIRST GRADERS!"
*cheers! claps! hoorays!*

During station time one little boy walked up to the calendar and told his friend in a high excited squeal, "We're going to be first graders!" and then proceeded to do some very advanced dance moves across the classroom.

I'm looking forward to actually getting some things done for school this weekend...
i.e. organizing my 2 foot stack of testing papers.

Then of course tomorrow is Mother's Day! I can't wait to help celebrate with my mom and this year I have two moms to appreciate!
My two beautiful moms
(my mom and my mother-in-law Pam)

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