Monday, May 14, 2012

I Can't Wait

I can't wait to see your face, your little fingers, feel your soft skin

I can't wait to put you against my chest and smell your baby smell

I can't wait to hear your tiny cry
I can't wait to see your daddy hold you for the first time

I can't wait to see if your eyes are blue or brown or what color your hair is
I can't wait to take you on your first you can feel the warm sun and smell the summer air around you 

I can't wait to dress you in your newly washed tiny pink clothes
I can't wait to feel like it is Christmas morning every day, knowing I get to wake up and see you sleeping next to our bed

I can't wait to show you the world and all the beautiful things in it

I can't wait to give you kisses on your baby toes and tell you how much I love you

Less than two months until we meet you...I can't wait


  1. It will be an exciting and wonderful time as you show and teach your daughter the wonders of life.

  2. You look beautiful.

    The time will be soon. :)

    1. Thanks Dawn! I can't believe how soon it will be...time has flown by :)

  3. you are so beautiful. it's my privilege to share my life with you and our offspring. xoxoMW

  4. I love this post because I feel the same way about our baby. I can't wait.

    You are absolutely glowing Jessica. You have the cutest belly bump! I hope you're feeling good and healthy. When are you due?

    1. Thanks Joanna! I'm sure you'll be glad when school is done so you can just sit and think about your baby and nothing else! We're due July 12th :)

  5. How exciting! July is a great month! My birthday is on July 18th ;) I'm due in November so I have a while to go still. Hopefully you are on break soon too!