Sunday, April 29, 2012

On Being a Twin: Part 5

In one week I will be reunited with my twin sister.
She will stand on the beach with the love of her life, surrounded by just her family, and exchange her vows of love. I can not wait!

When I got married almost three years ago it was a big adjustment for Kate and I.  We were inseparable. But at the same time, I needed to learn my new role as a wife.  Martin and I needed to begin our life together, he needed to be the person I went to for everything, made important decisions with. It was a big shift for us.

Some days have been hard and filled with tears. There have been feelings of being left out and of not feeling important enough.  But I think after three years we have settled into our new roles.  Martin knows that Kate is still the one I share almost everything with and he's okay with that. He knows that sometimes he doesn't have the right words to say, but Kate does.  And I know that my sister feels the same way.  That sometimes there are things I can only share with my husband. 

And now maybe it's my turn to learn a new role.  Let Kate and Bobby begin their newly married life together.  Understand that her new husband needs to be number one in her life now. Although, I am a very close second ;) We are both so lucky to be with men who are so understanding of our unique relationship.  They know that our bond is unlike anything and they have never tried to get in the way of that. 

I am so incredibly happy for my sister I could burst with joy! I can't wait for this next chapter in her life, in our lives.  It's going to be beautiful.


  1. i can't wait to see you!!!!!

  2. Yes, it will. It will be. A wonderful time for all of us to be together.

  3. this is absolutely the sweetest post ever! and many congratulations to your sisters engagement and soon to be wedding! i think you both will grow closer with this new transition ;)
    xo TJ

  4. That is so awesome you are a twin! I always wanted to have a twin (; I also wanted to stop by and thank you for your comment on my last post- I appreciated it a lot! You are too sweet.

  5. You are so sweet. I love the bond that twins have and it is obvious you and your sister have an incredible one. How lucky for your baby to have an Aunt (and Uncle) that is going to be so loving.