Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm moving to the desert...

At least I'd be warm and toasty

This morning I think I could have ice-skated to work.
We watched the icy snow fall all day and I dreaded my drive home from work.
At 2 o'clock as I was checking my e-mail, I noticed one with a red exclamation point next to it...which means "I AM IMPORTANT AND YOU'D BETTER READ ME RIGHT NOW!!"
So of course I did...

It was the best e-mail I've read in a long time

Dear Employees, because of adverse weather conditions school is cancelled tomorrow, February 1, 2011.

I think every teacher has a happy dance... 
I did my happy dance, not caring that my students were watching me.

I made it safely home from school thinking that life was going great, I mean, I got a snow day!!  

Then I turned the key to my apartment and heard the dreaded sound of water...

You have got to be kidding me I yelled.
I ran like a mad person around my apartment afraid to see where it was coming from: the bathroom, the laundry room, a little in the living room.

I literally sprinted to the apartment office, out of breath, and maybe a little crazed, yelling that I had water coming from my ceiling. They were already on the phone with my upstairs neighbors...the lady was so nice though, she had remembered that my husband and I had just gone through this literally four weeks ago in our last apartment.

 Everything is okay...thanks to my quick thinking and quick running! I should probably try out for the mad dash in the olympics. 

I would like everyone to take note that I was much calmer this time...ahem...Martin.  I was thinking that if bad things come in threes, maybe apartment flooding does also.  Seeing this is the third time, I'm praying it's the last. 

So now that everything is sort of back in order I can dwell on the fact that I have a free day tomorrow! I think I'll snuggle with my furry babies and watch girly movies all day on the couch...maybe dream about living some where warm...


  1. Are you selling tickets for the ride to the desert?

  2. I am proud of how calm you stayed and jealous that you are home today when I was shoveling this morning in -9 weather ~Elizabeth