Wednesday, January 19, 2011

does this make me look fat?

Yesterday a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) asked if I was expecting a "Baby Wolfe"  They said this with their arms extended waaaay out in front of them, like unecessarily far in front of them, like I was carrying a pack of wolves in my belly.

I sort of stood there waiting and then realized they were being serious.

"Ummm, no.  Does it look like it?!"

"Well maybe it was the know eating all that food!"

Oh. my. gosh.

If any of you know me I have the lowest self esteem of anyone. I already don't think very highly of the way I look...I know I know, I'm working on it.  But when someone you don't really know says that to you, what are you supposed to think?  Does it make it true?

I wish I had been brave and said something.  Instead, being my nice self, I laughed and said something like, "Hahaha well then I guess I won't be eating my lunch today and will go run a few miles on the track next door..."  I'm pathetic.


poopy person (yes that is a five year old vocabulary word: poopy) 

I guess I'll go cuddle with my family because I know they love me even on my most unattractive day. 


  1. oh that's horrible! i'm so sorry :(

  2. not important -- not worth thinking about!!
    You look fabulous!

  3. your blog header is sooo cute!!!

  4. I bet it is time for that person's annual eye exam. That was just a rude person talking.

  5. The worst is when a woman says it to you! Aren't all women supposed to have that hormone that signals them to ever ask another woman that question?!?! Men, maybe. Women, never. I had it happen to me recently too...