Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hello, again

I'm back!
I'm settled.
We are moved and the flood is over.
I can breathe again.

I don't want to do that again...okay?
Having your apartment flood isn't as adventurous as you'd think.

We lived as nomads for a week and my incredibly very nice older sister and brother-in-law took us in out of the wet, damp, apartment situation.  We can't thank them enough.
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you  
If you ever need to be rescued you can come to our new place, you might have to sleep in the living room, but you're always welcome :) 

My entire family came to help Martin and I move on Saturday. We can't thank them enough either.  Everyone has just been too kind. 

Here are some pictures of our new place. I'm still getting used to it, like anything it takes me eons to adjust.  But I know how to get to my school and sort of the grocery store so I'll be okay. Plus our new place gets tons of sunshine, which makes me and the little furry children happy.  
We still have a little left to do, but not much.
So far this apartment complex has been incredibly kind and accommodating...I like people who are nice.  Things are looking up already :)


  1. Remember home is where your heart is. Glad you are getting settled and back on line.

  2. Looks beautiful! Best of luck in your new home!

  3. it looks fantastic, the perfect place!!! ~Elizabeth