Saturday, January 22, 2011

Full Moon and Snow

Pretty much equals the worst combination for a teacher.
I've said it before and I'll say it again because I truly believe kids can predict the weather...and apparently lunar gravitational pull (haha I just made that up...but in all seriousness my students can predict it)
I think stories about werewolves aren't too far off...people seriously go crazy when there is a full moon. 
Then add a little snow in there, some barometric pressure falling, and BAM! 
{Not a fun day}
In Colorado we have a saying, "Wait five minutes and the weather will change!"  As annoying as that statement is, it's true.  The other day we started out with sunshine and blue skies. A beautiful day.  Then sometime after lunch my students started acting up. Not just the usual one or two, but the entire class. And it wasn't just my class, the entire school was a buzz with loud, restless behavior. Call me crazy, but an hour later there was snow on the ground.  See? Not so crazy huh?  
Someone should write a book called, Teaching Children Based on the Weather with a chapter on Children and Lunar Activity.  It would be a best seller. 


  1. I see the same thing at the store...wild, crazy, and sometime very rude women. Why isn't it a serge in positive behavior rather than the negative?

  2. Oh my husband laughs at me when I tell him the full moon really has an effect on my kids. Middle schoolers are a TERROR at the full moon!