Sunday, January 2, 2011

A lamp and a heart warming tingle

On Christmas Eve, my mom, Kate and I ventured to the thrift stores in search for some treasures.  I always hope to find a rare piece of art that ends up being worth a trazillion dollars at Antique Road such luck yet.  But we did find an old lamp base at Goodwill.  
It is perfecto.
My new favorite thing and just what I was looking for.

We headed to the hardware store to get a few missing parts. 

As we walked through the doors an older gentleman eagerly walked us to the lamp department with his big elf hat swaying back and forth.  He showed us some things we might need and then decided he would check to see if the lamp even save us a little time and money he said. 

He found a lightbulb....plugged it in.

Nothing.  My heart sank a little.

He then expertly tried a few different things and then began to gather parts and fix my $4 dollar lamp.
We talked as he worked.  
A few tweeks here and there and presto! 
We were all so excited...we may have even let out some embarrassing cheers. 
My mom asked the man what we owed him.

"Merry Christmas!" he said.

We tried to talk some sense into him...I mean nobody does anything for free anymore, especially with such a kind heart. 

But he insisted.  

We left having much more faith in humanity with a new hope that there truly are still good people in this world. I know it seems silly to make a big deal about such a small moment, but honestly, since then I want to be a nicer person.  
"Pay it forward" as they say.  
(I think the man was secretly a Christmas angel)

*Here's my finished product*
I love how it turned out!
A little elbow grease cleaned up the milk glass so bright and shiny.
I bought a silk flower and feather, glued them onto a pin back and pinned them onto a new lampshade.

Now every time I see my little lamp it makes me smile


  1. Your treasure has been transformed with your creativity and the Christmas elf.

  2. I love the lamp - it turned out great! The silk flower and feather add so much to it!

  3. That is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hope you don't mind if I pin it! :)