Saturday, October 9, 2010


I'm pretty sure I spent almost 60 hours at school last week.
With conferences and meetings coming out the wazoo I haven't had a moment to catch my breath.  And I've been so inconstant about blogging. 
Plus life has thrown a few curve balls our way the past few weeks that we are trying to gracefully deal with. 

We had our first round of conferences last Wednesday and I have to say they were much better than last years...remember this?
I had a father tear up at the thought that his daughter would someday have the opportunity to graduate high school and then go onto college!  We definitely have our share of disgruntled parents...unappreciative and demanding. But we can't forget our families who value education and thank us for the things we do for their child.  

On a different note...what do you think about my new shoes? 
My mom splurged and got them for me last weekend and I have to say they are a HUGE hit in kindergarten :) Anything with sparkles or bows are a sure thing for five year olds. I think almost every student raised their hand to tell me that they liked my shoes...even the boys :) Little kids are funny.  One student will compliment me and then the ENTIRE class will begin their endless, sweet, and competitive compliments.
"YEAH? Well I like her shirt!"
"Mrs. Wolfe, I like your pants!"
"Mrs. Wolfe, I like your toes!"
"Mrs. Wolfe, I like your shoes, shirt, pants, toes, AND hair!"


There's nothing like a dose of five year old to make you feel better.