Friday, October 15, 2010

Suicide of a Crawdad

Remember my fish tank in my classroom?
Remember how I can't seem to keep any fish alive?
It's currently empty, except for a big green fuzzy Japanese algae ball. 

It was completely full Tuesday evening. 
I had three new fish and a thriving crawdad who was appropriately named Captain Hook due to his one claw. 

Wednesday morning I checked on my tank and two of my fish had perished.  I didn't see my crawdad, but didn't think twice about it because he liked to hide under the plastic bonsai tree. 

School started and someone of course needed a bandaid for a microscopic cut.  As I wandered over to get a bandaid, I noticed something odd on the floor.  Is that a leaf?  A wood chip? What is that?
I leaned closer...
 ummm yeah, that would be my crawdad.
I have no idea how he crawled out of the tank, jumped off a table, and crawled 50 feet across the classroom.  I felt so sad for him.  He thought he was crossing over to greener pastures and instead ended up dying on ugly multi-colored carpet.  

Martin told me I should have brought him home so we could have eaten him.  I think I'll pass.  
"Hey kids! Sorry about the crawdad! But don't worry Mr. Wolfe and I enjoyed him for dinner last night."

Maybe the fish were teasing him because of his one arm and he wanted to get out of the tank. Who knows. 
I'm just sorry I didn't find him sooner...


  1. Good call on not eating him for dinner! EWWW! That would be much worse than eating chicken!