Monday, June 14, 2010

Why, hello sun!

We missed you.
The sun is soothing to the soul 
After 3 days of gloom my soul needs some sun.
I'm looking forward to my evening walk tonight, I've been cooped up inside for too many days.
We're down to 9 days of summer school. 
It's going pretty well as being stuck inside while the rest of the world is playing at the pool can be.  My students are finally getting two digit subtraction, which is worthy of a hooray! 
If I wasn't doing summer school I would probably be complaining about how bored I was, so it's probably okay that I have something to do...maybe next year though I can just 'work' on my tan. 

Hope your Monday was sunny! 


  1. I was glad to see the sun too.

  2. I love the rain, but sun is always welcome, too. Glad to meet another educator in the blogging world.

    I arrived her via cjane.