Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Last Year

We have nine more days until Fall Break. It has me thinking a lot about last year at this time.  Martin and I were planning for our trip to Oregon, but we actually didn't know if we were going to be able to go at first. We had just received the life changing news that Martin had lost his we still go? Our plane tickets are bought. Are we making a smart choice going on a vacation when we are down to one income again?

We had a million questions and thoughts running through our heads, but in the end we decided that we needed to go. Go and clear our heads in the beautiful state of Oregon.  Figure out where our lives were going next.

So we went. And we loved it.
We had decided to originally go with the thought that this is the place we would move to someday. We wanted to explore and check it out...would we fit in? Could we see ourselves living here?
Yes and Yes.
Maybe someday Oregon will be in our future plans. But for now we like to talk about our time we shared together, dealing with and solving our first major crisis as a married couple.  It was just the two of us alone, thinking and wondering about our future. We were in was up to us to figure it out. 
It was on that trip that my husband and I decided that going back to school would be his best option. He decided on culinary school. With all his options, that was the one he kept going back to, that was the choice that made him the most excited.  Martin had been given a second chance...losing his job had been a blessing in disguise. I can see that now.

When I feel uncertain about my future I think about this time in our lives. It all worked out. We survived...we took a leap of faith, jumping with our eyes closed, holding hands and not letting go. 
Martin and I have been thinking a lot about next year. We have that excited feeling in the pit of our stomaches again. We're dreaming of new adventures...we feel excited about new possibilities and new surroundings.
It might be time to take another leap of faith...


  1. Love the pictures and I LOVE the post!
    Something similar happened to me and Eric. He was laid off but we had a cruise paid for. We decided to go and it was the best decision ever. During that incredibly stressful time we were able to take a week to ourselves and just grow closer. We came back refreshed and rejuvinated, and we made some life changing decisions as well! Gosh, vacations are SO important... hahaha!

  2. Thanks Courtney! Vacations are very important! Sometimes you're just able to see things more clearly when you're somewhere else:)

  3. awww thank you for sharing this. I love that you guys took time to think and figure out your future...together..:-)