Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Live Now

Today was such a beautiful fall day. Martin and I headed to one of our usual parks to spend some much needed time together. This week has been a little up and down. I ruffled some feathers in our love nest, bringing up subjects of conversation that I knew we were going to end up disagreeing about, but I did it anyways, because somedays that's just what I'm best at. 
But the hardest thing about the week wasn't the argument, it was the fact I couldn't see or talk to my husband for a whole week after it happened. I needed to apologize, to be able to look directly in his eyes and tell him how sorry I was, but he was at work when I got home from school and I went to work when he was still sleeping. We needed to sort through the things that were said...but his thirteen hour days don't make it easy to communicate. 
I'm still getting used to this new career of his...people warned us that when he entered the restaurant world I would basically never see him again. There are always adjustment periods when life takes a new path. Someday we'll look back at this time and we'll be able to see how it made us stronger than ever. That without trials in our lives we wouldn't appreciate the things that matter the most...
I'm thankful for the time that we do have together. And that today we could lay in the grass, close our eyes, and feel safe because we are with each other. That we could finally catch up on a whole weeks worth of conversations. That I could watch my husband show off his newly acquired ability to do a handstand.
I wouldn't want to miss these little moments for the world. 


  1. Those are good thoughts and fantastic pictures! ~Elizabeth

  2. Glad you had time to be together.

  3. Beautiful words and pictures. I'm glad you worked it out.

  4. This is so beautiful. It makes my heart happy to see the love in the pictures! You are so blessed with many beautiful pictures and memories of the moments you share!