Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Bread I Shall Not Eat

There lies the bread.  Glazed in warm butter with a side of cinnamon butter.
I think the rolls were secretly laughing at me...

I've been struggling lately with trying to eat clean...being true to Paleo.  This past month has been stressful and busy and as a result I grab for things that are easy to eat, but not necessarily what my body needs.  I can tell such a difference in how I feel.  I'm nauseous again, I'm tired.  And on top of it all I got a mean ulcer...not fun. But I'm at it again, trying my best, healing my body once again.

It's amazing what I'll tell myself so I don't feel bad about eating things I can't, "It's okay if you eat that piece of bread Jessica, you'll probably feel sick afterwards, but it's SO WORTH IT!"

Then I do feel sick and I kick myself for my decision. 

Since I've cut gluten out of my diet I feel like my body is even more sensitive to it and I can really feel when it is in my system.  I'm still learning every day...it's a mental obstacle more than anything for me. If it wasn't for my husband I don't know what I would do.  He encourages me everyday, telling me I can do it. He's my biggest role model.
. . .
I stared at those buttered rolls for a long time...I even thought about stuffing a whole one in my mouth while Martin went to the bathroom. But I mustered up my self control, ordered my chicken, and even ignored the croutons in my salad. It may seem insignificant, but small victories like this make me feel like I can do it again tomorrow.

My body thanks me.


  1. Hope I didn't put too many temptations in front of you last weekend. You are developing great self motivation.

  2. Is that the bread from Texas Roadhouse?? With the delicious cinnamon butter??! You have more will power than I do......Seriously! Great job! ;)

  3. Amanda, that is the bread at Texas Roadhouse! It looked and smelled very delicious :)