Saturday, July 30, 2011

Burning River

Last year my dad ran the amazing Leadville 100. He had made it 60 miles when his legs couldn't take him any further. It's quite the story involving pitch black conditions, the middle of a mountain, and a rescue team.  But that hasn't stopped him. He has been training for the past year for a new race, a new opportunity to prove to himself that he can make it the 100 miles. 

He's in Ohio today running the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run.  My Uncle is with him and I know that he can make it. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers today. It will be an incredibly challenging day, physically and mentally for him. 

I'll keep you posted :)

*Post Edit: My dad missed the 74 mile time cut off by 10 minutes :( 
A truly amazing accomplishment! We are all SO proud of you daddy!


  1. That's our guy. I can hardly stand it, waiting and wondering. I know he can do it. I hope his 60 year old body know that too! Go Eddie.

  2. AMAZING! That's a strong guy!! He's in my thoughts and prayers! I'm rootin' for him!