Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chirp Chirp

This morning as I was inevitably running late, I stopped to kiss my little children goodbye and heard a chorus of chirping.  
What a magical sound...little birds singing in the morning sunshine. 
Morning is my favorite time of day. It's calm and serene.
I love to get to school before anyone else...enjoy the peace and quiet that is short lived in a school. 
It was a beautiful day. 

The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, too bad I was inside all day.  Why can't I have recess duty when it's nice outside?
{Even 'G' Giraffe loved having the sun in her face today}

My students were sure chirpy today.  They were arguing and fighting and grabbing.  Let's just say it was a sadie face kind of day. I had finally had enough and called them to the carpet.  

"Boys and girls, did you know it takes more effort to be upset then to be happy?  I want everyone to turn to their next door neighbor and give them your biggest smile you possibly can muster!"
{smiles and giggling}
"See?  Doesn't that feel much better? Tell your neighbor they have a BEAUTIFUL smile!"

It was cute.  It lasted about 10 minutes :)
But at least it was 10 minutes of happiness and bliss...

The sun was still shining when I left school today, I know that will all change soon when we jump forward the clocks.  But for today, I lifted my face to the sun and felt warm for the first time in months. 


  1. Hopefully, when you have recess duty next it will be as nice out. Enjoy the prespring weather.

  2. mornings are the best. today i heard a morning dove