Sunday, March 27, 2011


Today we took a drive to Boulder.  We love Boulder and would move there in a heartbeat.  I used to visit the city at least twice a month when my sister lived there during college. I would drive past wheat field after wheat field until I could finally see the flatirons straight ahead.  
Martin and I walked around Pearl Street, had lunch, and I was told, respectfully, that I was beautiful by a quirky old hippie. 
The mountains still make me a little nervous.  I'm trying so hard to appreciate their beauty and serenity without having a panic attack. Little outings like this are good for me...because I'm told by my husband that this summer we are going camping.  I don't mind being outside amongst the trees and wildlife, I am a native Coloradoan after all ;) And my family did go camping when we were younger. It's the thought of getting lost that can't escape my mind.  I told Martin that I would go as long as we could take baby steps. He replied with, "You mean we have to start by camping in your parents backyard?!"
There are so many things that I am learning along the way while being married to the love of my life.  Martin is adventurous and spontaneous while I'm very much content being at home.  But a marriage is about compromise and loving and appreciating the things your spouse loves and appreciates.  So this summer we will go camping. Martin will keep me safe and I will trust him. 
 Who knows, maybe it won't be so bad? 

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