Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On Being a Twin: Part 3

In two weeks I will be lounging in Florida with palm trees and sand between my toes, feeling too hot and trying to control the frizz that is my hair.  I will be able to talk to my sister without giving the phone company a weeks worth of wages.  Skype continues to be my best friend... 
My sister and I talk in ways we only understand.  Martin or Bobby will walk in on our conversation confused, shaking their heads. We can say a single word and it elicits the same memory, feeling, smell, or sound.  You'll hear one of us say something like, "That song reminds me of the lilac bush at our old house" or "That smells like that one time we took that animation class" or "That color reminds me of an 80's Sesame Street episode and being in a public library."  And the other will say, "Yeeeah! It does!"  

Our family has learned to kindly accept these phrases as normal parts of a conversation. We have come to find that normal people actually don't talk like this and it's not really socially acceptable to be in a meeting and say, "That pencil eraser smells like that one time in fourth grade..." and expect the person next to you to understand exactly what you mean.

I love having someone who is just as quirky as me. 
And I can't wait for the moment I get off that airplane in Florida and say something like, "This airport smells like that ice cream parlor we visited in Michigan..."  and she will say, "It Does!!"

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