Friday, August 13, 2010

Tired is an understatement

(Wilson thought I was dead when I got home from school)

Martin and I are going to be Friday night party poopers.
We're both exhausted.
Martin headed off to Wyoming yesterday to see his musical idol Bob Dylan.
He drove and drove and drove through nowhere.
I didn't see him until this evening. He slept on the side of the road. Had breakfast at a truck stop.
It was so worth it...according to Martin :)

And I'm just a little bit tired from teaching 22 Kindergarteners.
Everything is so foreign to them...confusing.  You repeat yourself over and over and over ALL day long.  
It's exhausting.
But they're starting to catch on and the great news is, is that so many more of our students had been to preschool last year! It makes SUCH a difference! 

So we're going to go sit in front of the t.v. until we both can't keep our eyes open any longer and then off to bed it is.  

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  1. Hope you have a good weekend catching up. Sounds like you and your kiddos are on the right track.
    Where did Martin go to see Bob?