Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Conversation About Chicken and Myself As A Five Year Old

Last night I was invited...well I invited myself over for dinner at my sister's.
They were having a pasta dish and I've been deprived lately, plus I love spending time with my family :)

The meal was very very good...buuuttt it had some chicken in it.
I ate around it and apparently somebody noticed.
I had run upstairs to talk to my twin sister and soon enough my sister and brother-in-law come up the stairs with my dinner bowl.

Elizabeth: You didn't eat any of your chicken!
Me: I did so!
Elizabeth: You left it all and just ate the noodles.
Me: so
Don: Do you know why you need protein in your body?  It is essential for the structure and maintenance of your body.
Elizabeth: You need to eat three more bites.
Me: But they're big pieces!
Just then Elizabeth began to pull apart my leftover chicken into smaller pieces...FOUR smaller pieces.
Me: You said I only had to eat three pieces and there are 4 pieces here. Can I at least have some more noodles to eat the chicken with? 
Kate (on the phone): Ewww does the chicken have the grisly stuff on it?

In case you were wondering I ate all four pieces of chicken and I survived.
Now my body has some essential protein to make me healthy.

My poor family.
Most people grow out of their five year old taste buds, but my twin sister and I have not been fortunate enough to do so.  Maybe they're just delayed? Whatever the reason I think I'll just stick to my PB&J.


  1. Hey, Elizabeth and Don! Make her eat her chicken. I don't know what I did wrong?!

  2. hahahaha too funny! I love it that they talked you into it... feeling healthy yet?

  3. lol...see it wasn't that bad. You can come over for dinner any time :-) ~ Elizabeth

  4. Oh Emm Gee! I can't believe they used science talk to talk you into eating yukky chicken!! Resist it.