Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Raise Your Hand Please!

The honeymoon is definitely over.
All of my students are showing their true colors, some of them more vibrant than others if you get my drift.
Our days aren't bad...just tiring.
I don't know what I'll do if I have to say one more time, "Raise your hand for permission to speak."
But I'll keep saying that and all of our rules over and over and over until it sticks.
Sometimes I think maybe my expectations are too high?
I expect my students to sit on the rug quietly and be good listeners, not playing with their shoes or sticking their heads in their shirts like turtles.  I expect them to line up silently with a hug and a bubble without running into the line and bumping into the person next to them creating a domino affect. I expect them not to interrupt me shouting, "MRS. WOLFE! LOOK I'M RAISING MY HAND!" I expect them to participate at all times and not act like a limp fish on the carpet.   I expect them not to hit, punch, kick, pinch, or shove...and I expect parents to agree with me that these things are indeed very wrong. 

Creating a positive classroom environment is hard work.  I think people sometimes think the kids come into the classroom and just learn....but there's so much more to that.  We have to teach them everything we want them to do and it usually takes weeks and weeks.  You have to be on top of your game at all times.   You can't get upset when someone doesn't do it right the first might be upset but you have to pretend that you're not and smile and use a kind voice.  You have to like your students. You have to like your job. 

Tomorrow I'll repeat myself a bajillion more times, but that's okay because slowly but surly they're learning how to be in school, how to be a student, and most importantly how to be good, kind, and caring people.


  1. I hear you.....boy, oh boy, do I hear you!!! I want to hit my head against a wall during this time of the year. My constant line has been "If you have a bubble in your mouth then there's no way for me to hear your voice. Which means close your mouth. Now."

    Exhaustion is one word for it some days, $#@#$#!! is a word for other days;-). Hang in there, Kindie Teacher-they'll get it!:-) -Eve

  2. It would be nice if everyone, from 5 years old to 85 years old, remembered Mrs. Wolfe's Life Rules. Your patience and kindness are life lessons their learning as well.