Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Problems of a Five Year Old: Part 2

Today as we were making sure we were sitting in our squares on the carpet...visualize it, look around you, ask yourself if you're in YOUR square...I noticed that a few sneaky sneakies were sitting in a square of their choice.  I quietly asked them to move to their designated square. The guilty parties got up and reluctantly moved to their squares. One particular student however, suddenly burst into tears. He began crying hysterically, tears, snot, drool and all.  

Student: "Buuut I don't waaant tooo siit in thaaaat sqqquaarre! WAAAAAAA!"

Me: "Sorry friend, but that's your special square"

Student: "I want to sit in the green square!"

Me: "Your square is the green square."  

Student: "Sniff, sniff"


Me: Alright! Let's go over our colors together


  1. so funny! ~Elizabeth

  2. Awesome post. Green is my favorite color too because it is the color of the sky.