Sunday, January 27, 2013

the beauty of simple playtime

Today we spent almost an hour playing with one of my scarves. I was bored with the same blocks and rattles that we've been playing with for weeks. I grabbed my scarf from my school bag and brought it over to Everdeen. The light fabric tickled her face and she couldn't stop laughing.  We watched together as the scarf floated down and landed on top of her head and she giggled as her little hands worked to pull the scarf down off her face.  
You can have all the toys in the world, but it's the simple things we have around our homes that make the best imaginative toys.  We love watching Everdeen play with the bright fabrics on the pillows or a button on one of our shirts.  She's so curious and full of wonderment.  I hope that never goes away.


  1. That face. :) Oh, that face. Pretty soon she'll be amused by bubble wrap and boxes and packaging. :)

  2. My oh my those big liquid eyes. Too beautiful.