Wednesday, August 29, 2012

auntie kate came for a visit

My twin sister just left this morning.  Our goodbye was tearful and I would have done anything to have had just a few more minutes with her...I think we may have even felt extra sad this time.  Now there is another little person in her life who is 2,000 miles away.  Sure we Skype almost every day, but somehow seeing your one month old niece and nine month old nephew on a computer screen and actually feeling their soft baby skin against yours is so incredibly different. 

I was secretly hoping hurricane Isaac would hit southern Florida even more than it did so she would have no choice but to stay with us a few extra days...but no such luck. So now we just look forward to the next time she gets to come home...we're already counting down the days.  


  1. Your photos really capture the moments so precisely. I miss her already too!

  2. It just makes my heart melt! And, look at Sanford, he is like a little man now!