Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Smells Like School

My sisters and I walked to elementary school everyday.  We would meet our friends at the stop sign on the corner and walk the familiar path to school; capturing rolly polly bugs to keep in our desks or seeing how long we could kick the same rock to and from school. 

When school began in the late summer, the mornings would all of a sudden become crisp and cool.  It was like a switch was turned on and "school weather" started. The air smelled different. It smelled like corduroy pants, new trapper keepers, and new pencils. It simply smelled like school. 

This morning I woke up for our 4am feeding and felt a chill in the air. I stuck my nose to the window screen and breathed in deeply...it smelled like school.  When did the switch happen? While I fed Everdeen I felt a little sad that this wasn't my first day of school eve. All of my Kinder teammates would be getting up soon, choosing their first day of school outfits, and setting off to begin a new school year. A clean slate...a new year with new adventures, new possibilities, new opportunities. 
{First day of Kindergarten 2009}

This year I have a long term sub starting my class for me. I can't be there to greet my new little friends.  I can't help them through the lunch line for the first time or make sure their tears stop when they realize mom and dad aren't staying.  

I am of course beyond thrilled to be staying home with our little girl for as long as I can. When I complain that I had to get up every two hours in the wee morning hours my sister reminds me that, "At least you don't have to go to work in the morning!" It's true. I am thankful.  

And soon enough I will have my first day of school...just a little later than normal.  So for now, I will continue to snuggle with my baby and breathe in her baby smell and think only occasionally of the class that is waiting for me. 

And to my teammates...Happy First Day of Kindergarten! It's going to be a great year :) 


  1. Um, I bet all your little kindergarten boys have crushes on you. I'm just sayin.

    Also, I want to hear the story of your little sweet's name. I mean, I'm dying here. I just love it!

    1. Haha!
      I'll have to do a post about her name :)

  2. Don't be too sad that you're missing out. You get to skip the craziness of it all. The last minute labeling, the runs to the teacher supply store, cutting out all the laminating. :) Ha! On another note, have you ever seen You've Got Mail before? That movie captures the transition of the seasons perfectly. I love it and I bet you would too! I always like to watch it this time of year. Enjoy your sweet baby girl!!!

  3. You described the first day of Kinder perfectly! I miss the little ones sometimes but not when they're crying.

    Enjoy your time with Baby Everdeen. You're a wonderful mom and I can tell you are a wonderful teacher because you are already thinking of your class.

  4. Hi mommy Jessica-
    Enjoy every minute with beautiful Everdeen.
    Don't worry- Kindergarten boys and girls are waiting for you!
    Looks like a good class!

  5. I was just reading the comment you left on my baby's birth story and came over to check if you had one up yet :)
    She is beautiful, by the way!!!
    Motherhood is something else, isn't it?