Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hi friends! I'm still here.

I know I will share more about this week when I write about my little girl's birth story, but this has been a very tiring week.  I seem to be having a very unique labor where I am laboring in shifts.  I was in labor from 1am until about 9am this morning with very very strong and regular contractions.  And then they spread themselves out. This has been our life for the past four days...almost five days now. We figure at this rate our baby will have all her teeth and probably be a teenager by the time she comes out :) My doula tells me that this type of labor, although rare, can be nice because it's allowing me lots of rest in between lots of work. 

We had an appointment on Wednesday and everything is still looking great and healthy.  My body is making progress, just on it's own time...sounds like Jessica time to me.  I'm the same way in life, I need days to prepare for life changing events and maybe my mind knows this and is helping me ease into labor so I don't panic. 

Whatever the reason, Martin and I (and our family and friends) are more ready than ever to meet our daughter. 
Maybe tonight is the night...


  1. I've been thinking about you this week!! Hope you meet your baby girl soon!

  2. I love how you are still able to make light and bring a smile, too cute! Thinking about you!

  3. It's nice you have a doula to encourage you to keep working. Most people would have just gone to the hospital and not given their body a chance to labor naturally. I'm so proud of you!

  4. oh, Jessica! I'm sure it's so hard to stay positive and patient right now. I will be praying for you and hoping tonight really is the night. It will all feel so worth it once you have her in your arms, which I know you know. Hugs!

  5. This is so cute. And good luck to you!! Love your blog. Can't wait to see the little one!

  6. It's so exciting that it's getting so close! Hopefully she'll make her appearance soon. :-)