Friday, July 13, 2012

Baby Sanford...not such a baby anymore

Dear Sanford,
 Please stop growing so quickly.
You're beginning to resemble a little boy...teething, standing and sitting up by yourself, giggling. I'm sure I'll be that annoying adult that always tells you, "I remember when you were born! And now look at you!"  You even don't have much more time left in your little blue fact, you've only cried a few times, but other than that, you've been such a big boy about it! 
I love that you've been coming over for lots of play dates this summer, keeping your Auntie Jessica busy while we all patiently await the arrival of your cousin.  Pretty soon you won't be the baby of the family anymore.  You'll just have to take on your new role of big cousin and teach Everdeen everything you've learned in the past 8 months. 
I can't wait for you to meet each other! 


  1. Thanks for always taking such great pictures of San!! ~Elizabeth

  2. so cute!! i love his teeth

  3. He is beautiful! Those eyelashes! I'm jealous. :)

    1. Me too! We still can't figure out which family member passed on those on to him! haha!