Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The First Week

Already a week has gone by. I can't even begin to describe how our lives have changed in a mere seven days.  Each day makes us more seasoned parents...learning Everdeen's cries and coos, learning how to change a diaper with superhuman speed, learning that sometimes you just need a good cry too along with the baby. And most importantly, trusting in our instincts and trusting in each other that we are doing the right thing.
We are surviving :)
My favorite part of the day is when Martin comes home from work. He is a natural and I love watching my two favorite people together. The way he says his daughter's name, the way he counts her little fingers and toes...the way he sings to her. You'd think he'd done this a million times before.  I really didn't know I could fall even more head over heals in love with my husband...he has been truly amazing. 
My emotions are still running a bit wild. Every time I look at my sweet baby I am overcome with happiness, joy, and amazement...we made her, she's all ours. 


  1. Jessica, she is breathtaking! I miss this stage. I mean, my goodness it was exhausting and emotional, but there is just nothing like a precious newborn to love and cuddle and take care of. You are so blessed!

    1. I'm trying to soak it all in....even through sleep deprivation! haha :)

  2. She is so, so beautiful! And if I remember correctly, it takes a good long while for the emotions to calm themselves. That's just part of being a momma. Enjoy that sweet, cuddly newborn of yours.

  3. She is a gem, with gems for parents! So happy for your family.

  4. She is so perfect! Congrats again, Mama!

  5. these are great pictures and great memories! Everdeen is perfect!! ~Elizabeth

  6. Love love love!-caitlin

  7. She is beautiful! I think realizing that your husband is an amazing dad is the best feeling...lucky Everdeen for two amazing parents. :-)