Monday, June 4, 2012

Taco Tuesday on a Saturday

Look who's home! Kate and Bobby are here the whole week...which is full of lots of fun family festivities. We celebrated their arrival with a fiesta of sorts and I stayed up until 11pm like an actual adult. I like staying busy with school out, but then my body reminds me that it is growing a tiny person and I become instantly tired and have to take a nap like a three year old. 

We're trying to cherish these last few weeks as just the two of us and without the need for a babysitter. It feels like a big part of our lives is about to end forever and it leaves a fleeting feeling in the pit of my stomach and I can't help but feel sad that it won't ever just be Martin and I again. But then I feel the baby move inside of me and can't stop thinking about all the amazing moments we're about to have with her.  I think our new life will be so full that we won't miss our old life...and hopefully we can still have an occasional Taco Saturday with friends even with a tiny baby snoozing away in the other room. 


  1. It's just another chapter, not a loosing a chapter. One is better than another, just different and exciting.

  2. you will for sure! and we can always babysit!!! ~Elizabeth

  3. Taco Tuesday sounds delish...share you taco recipe with us! ;-) It can be hard knowing that a big change is coming...but it will be the best change of your life!