Friday, June 15, 2012

A Quiet Thundery Afternoon

This afternoon the dark clouds have quietly made their way across the sky. I love it when the apartment gets that dark light from thunderstorms.  
It feels quiet and peaceful.  The thing that makes me happiest is to lay in bed, close my eyes, and listen to the storm building outside my window.  
I felt bad laying with the fan blowing on HI cooling off my 36 week pregnant body while my poor cats stretched their bodies out as far as they could trying to get some relief from the summer heat.  I finally made myself get up and switch the fan to we are all happy.
I remember in junior high when I got my Summer Thunder CD.  Everyone else was listening to Britney Spears and I was a big dork listening to thunder. There's something about quiet rolling thunder that makes me feel so at peace.  I don't really love the booming, shakes the windows, sounds like we're all about to die thunder. Just the quiet rumbles on a summer day. Oh, and add in the smell of rain and you have yourself the perfect afternoon.   


  1. I feel so relaxed just reading this. Wishing it was stormy here now. Those kind of days are few and far between in San Diego. :)

  2. Sounds like a restful day, no storming up here.

  3. We were just in a hail storm here in manitou springd.

  4. don't forget our Spa CD from 7th grade :)

  5. I totally bought a Thunderstorm CD when I was in middle school too . . . no, I really did! I love it. :-)