Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two Souls, One Heart

Have you ever felt so happy you literally think your heart is going to burst? That's how I've been feeling for the past week.
My twin sister is engaged to wonderful Bobby. 
Our family is thrilled! 

The night of their engagement I got a call very late. It was Bobby.
"Is everything okay?"
"Yeah, I was just wondering if you would mind having another brother-in-law?"

As my eyes filled with happy tears I told my future brother-in-law that I couldn't ask for a better addition to our family. I could hear my sister laughing in the background.  
She is so happy. 

They are thinking next Spring, an intimate affair on the beach.
It's going to be lovely and perfect.


  1. Congratulations to them, and to this new addition to your family!

  2. Aww! How sweet! I LOVE when people get engaged. I get giddy even if I don't know them. It's such a beautiful milestone! I wish them all the blessings from above!

  3. Oh, how wonderful!! Engagement news is always so exciting... especially when you're included in the wedding planning process. New to your blog and so glad I stopped by- looking forward to reading more! Major congrats to your family. :)