Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Tonight was date night.
We were celebrating lots of things tonight...
Martin's new job, which we are so thankful for, my twin sister's engagement! (more on that later), and just the fact that we could be together tonight. 
Plus I had a new dress I needed to wear out on the town :)
We dined down town amongst the wealthy corporate workers of Denver. They were all in their suits and ties, driving their Ferraris and BMWs.  
We ate mint leaves covered in sugar and enjoyed fresh goat cheese for dessert.
It finally feels like summer here in Colorado. There's something about green grass, the setting sun, being with the love of your life to make everything feel perfect. 


  1. Love the dress, you look very pretty!
    I also love these pictures. The lighting when the sun is setting is like none other.

  2. There's always something fun to celebrate on a date night. You look great.

  3. you are so adorable. that dress is fantastic! i love having things to celebrate.. it makes dates so much more fancy :)

  4. Wow I love your pictures and outfit!

  5. Wow! You all know how to make a girl's self esteem shoot through the roof!

  6. Bow-chicka-bow-wow!! You look H-O-T!! So glad you got to go on a date. It feels so good to do that. I seriously think it needs to be a law: at LEAST 3 times a month. ;)

    Love you blog!

  7. I totally agree! 3 dates a month sounds pretty good!