Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sneaky Cookie Eater and Loose Tooth

This afternoon I had just pulled a few students to practice counting to three when I heard, 
"Hey! What are you eating?" 
I looked up and noticed nothing out of the ordinary...probably some child eating a wood chip from the playground.  I continued on with the counting bears.
"How many yellow bears?"
"1, 18, 14, quatro."

oh boy. 

Suddenly someone ran up to me yelling in hysterics that one of our friends had lost his tooth!
I walked over to the student who was building a castle out of wooden blocks. 
"How exciting! Where's your tooth?"
"Oh, I stuck it back in the hole so I could eat my cookie."
"Yeah, I put it back 'cause I'm eating my cookie."

Yeah, I got that part.

"Friend? Why are you eating a cookie during class?"
"It's left over from lunch."

He sort of looked a me like, "Duh, Mrs. Wolfe, what else would you do with your left over cookie?"

After putting his cookie back in his backpack he was able to proudly walk to the nurse to get a treasure chest to put his tooth in. 

Remember how exciting it was to lose a tooth?  My knees still get weak every time a student shows me how flexible their loose tooth is. 
"Look! I can bend it all the way back with my tongue!"

e w w w. 

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  1. Let their parents know where to catch me.

    Signed - The Tooth Fairy

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