Friday, September 17, 2010

I Think It's Finally Here...

Fall is my most favorite season!
I love the smells.
I love how it feels in the air.

I think my twin sister is really missing fall.  This October will be one year since she moved away to paradise.
Fall and Florida just don't go together...although my Kindergarten students would tell you that they both start with the letter F, so in that sense they are the same.
When I walk to my car in the morning it brings back so many memories of when I was younger. I always walk a little slower so I can breathe in the air. It smells the exact same as it did way back when. 
Cool, crisp.  
I loved walking to school during this time of year.  We never knew if we should wear shorts or was so chilly in the morning, but then blazing hot in the afternoons.  I usually wore shorts when everyone else wore pants and pants when everyone else wore shorts...the story of my life.
I loved planning for our Halloween costumes that my mom sewed from scratch.
I loved that our piano teacher would let us start learning Christmas music even though it was usually only October. 
ahhh memories.

(Mmmm pumpkin spice cookies sure sound good right about now :)


  1. Love your leaf picture! Pumpkin spice cookies do sound good, with cream cheese frosting?

  2. Fall is my favorite too...mmm pumpkin cookies! ~Elizabeth

  3. missing it terribly :( I just sit around sniffing my pumpkin spice candle