Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shhh Don't Say It

When you tell five year olds not to say something...they're probably going to say it. 

Everyday at 3:45 the buses pull up outside of our classroom window.  The first few times it was tolerable when you would hear, "OH WOW! LOOK! The buses are here! Does that mean we get to go home?! YEAH!"

Now... not so much.
I finally told my students that I did not want to hear any mention of the buses pulling up because I could hear when they arrived without 23 voices telling me. 

Today right on the nose...3:45
I could hear the idling engines and our classroom suddenly turned a shade of yellow from the reflection of the bus.  I was reading Where The Wild Things Are during our last few minutes together and had just gotten to the best part where Max calls for a "wild rumpus".

"Hey everyone, don't tell Mrs. Wolfe the buses are here, she just know it cause she's smart!"

(Well that's true)

"SHHHH we're not supposed to say the buses are here!"
"Don't say it!"
"Mrs. Wolfe doesn't want us to say the word bus."
"whisper...bus...shhhh...whisper whisper whisper."
"Guys! Stop sayin' it!"

 It was like a late night sleep over when the parent comes in to tell the children that it's lights out and they don't want to hear a "peep" from anyone.  
So what do the kids do?

I've got to find a new strategy. 

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