Saturday, February 28, 2015

life lately

I can't believe February is already over...I blinked and it was gone.  This past week we've been snuggled up inside enjoying real winter days.  One of my 4th grade students invited us to her last basketball game of the season so I took Everdeen to her first game last weekend.  I smiled as I remembered playing basketball, awkwardly, in 4th grade too.  I was the girl who was dribbling the wrong direction after half time...Everdeen clapped whenever a basket was made (even if it was for the opposing team)  Hey! We're all winners! At least in the eyes of a two and a half year old. 

School has been a bit challenging these last few weeks.  Preparing for our state assessments, difficult behaviors, and spring break fever don't mix so well. I've taken it upon myself to instill kindness in all 27 of my students even if I have to force it down their throats. Just kidding...sort of;) We start our morning singing and waving hello, welcoming all of our classmates back to school. We stand up and give out warm fuzzies to our friends who have warmed our hearts.  We read quotes about changing the world and watch videos of kindness that make us cry. It really has been amazing watching these 10 year olds respond to wanting to do good in this world. The other morning we finally filled up our jar with warm fuzzies and decided on an act of kindness we could do as a class- they chose to create beautiful letters for their classmate who is undergoing chemotherapy. I wanted to give each of them a giant hug, I felt so proud of them.  But then it's recess and suddenly everything goes out the window. There are mean looks, whispers, and body language that hurts and screams so loudly. So I take a deep breath and we start again. They'll get it...even if it's not until they become an adult. They'll someday get it. 

Nine days until glorious Spring Break! I can hardly wait! 


  1. Somewhere along the line, hopefully, it will all come together for those 10 year olds. We just have to show by example and confirm it over and over again. And clap when anyone makes a basket!

  2. i love all of your photos...especially that first one, and the ones at my old stomping grounds :)