Sunday, March 1, 2015

a cold sunday morning

Oh, the CSU oval. It's beautiful. In the summer you'll find students lounging under the shade of the great big trees and tossing a frisbee back and forth, but today it was quiet and cold. Except for the few joggers who weren't going to let a little snow and frostbite stop them from their exercise, we were all alone. The oval is surrounded by beautiful and stately old buildings.  My dad held an office in the administration building when he was associate vice president for research.  His list of awards and recognitions with the university is impressive...if I can ever be half of the teacher my dad was then I know I'll have made an impact. Did I ever tell you that one of my secret life goals is to someday teach at the university level? Maybe someday...

We told Everdeen that maybe she would attend CSU and she agreed that she would. "Mama? Is this my new school?" She's brilliant and will skip right to college when she turns three. ;)
Rocky would be proud 
Sometimes you put yourself in a timeout and we take a picture because it's adorable. 
I have been loving our little family outings.  Martin has been able to be home on the weekends now so we are taking advantage of our time together by trying to come up with free things to do. Even just exploring home makes me feel more connected to where I grew up. I love being able to tell Everdeen all the stories from my own childhood and show her all of the places that have meant something to me.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend...maybe going on a little adventure of your own. 


  1. Fantastic photos today. I think there might be a Ram in someone's future!