Monday, January 26, 2015

this weather

Today was 72 degrees...72 degrees I tell ya! That's kind of a big deal here in Northern Colorado. We are getting majorly spoiled and I'm sure next week it will be negative 2 like January is supposed to be.  Everyone was in a bit of twittering buzz today...there was just something extra special in the air.  The kids went outside without their jackets on and came back in from recess telling me that they were d-y-i-n-g of heat stroke (did you know 4th graders are of the dramatic type?)  We are trying to soak in as much of this warm sunshine as possible- like it will slowly release into our blood stream during the coldest of winter days. I wish we could store up this sunshiny goodness :) 


  1. How come you have boots and a winter coat on?! It was beautiful today.

  2. 72 degrees in January?! Can I tell you how glorious that sounds?!... and also, those pigtails <3!!!

  3. Such a gorgeous day! Crazy to think it was so warm in January! At least it helps fight the "winter blues."