Saturday, January 24, 2015

a little hike in january

Today we enjoyed an unseasonably warm January day.  I felt like we just needed to head outside.  Everdeen and I are both trying to get over colds and we just both said good riddance to our pink eye. It's so nice of toddlers to share everything with you, isn't it? :) We headed to one of our favorite places, Bobcat Ridge, for a little hike. This year Everdeen was able to make it the mile and half to the old cabin.
We found lots of animal holes, lots of deer droppings (Everdeen quickly learned how to tip toe around them), and lots of prairie dogs.  It was eerily quiet out there...not a sound.  We always like to imagine what it was like for the Native Americans who lived out here hundreds of years ago. Undoubtedly very peaceful...and beautiful.  Even in the winter there is beauty around us. I try to remind myself of that every winter so as not to wish away this season, but enjoy it just as much as the others.  Winter can feel claustrophobic when we're trapped inside all day, but Colorado always brings us a warm day just when we need it most. 

 The family that Reeboks together stays together...
This little cabin was last lived in in the late 1920s.  Their family's baby girl was born right there...I couldn't help but imagine bringing a baby into the world in a one room cabin with dirt floors no electricity or running water.  It makes you really think about how heroic mothers are and how many mothers have given birth to their babies in those same conditions over and over. Amazing.
Because anything can be made into exercising equipment...
When we were almost back to the car Everdeen sat right down on the path and wouldn't budge.  This ambitious little one had walked almost three miles!  Someday she'll be trail running this path with her daddy and Grandpa, but for today we didn't mind carrying her the rest of the way as her eyelids grew very heavy.  

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  1. So peaceful! Take me next time I'm home!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was a beautiful winter day!

  3. I wish there are open fields like that in my town. here it seems every inch of lot is filled with houses, stores, malls, hotels, offices, street vendors.. people in my country can't see vacant lot, one day it was vacant, the next day a building was built there..

    1. We are lucky to have several natural areas in and around our town, plus being so close to the mountains and the national parks! But I get so sad every time an empty lot gets built up with apartments or stores in town...I wish everyone thought empty lots were okay to just leave alone :)

  4. What an incredibly gorgeous place you live in! I love how you so beautifully capture these little family outings- what a gift for Everdeen to get to look back on someday :) ... also the photo of Martin pulling the thing-a-ma-bobber through the field. Classic. hahahaha!

  5. Wow. What a cool place. I'd love to hike that same spot myself someday. (My friends and I are planning on doing a "Utahlorado" trip someday. Way to go, Everdeen, on walking so much!