Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Favorite Photographs {2014}

I rarely showcase my pictures on my blog...wait let me rephrase that :) I rarely showcase pictures I do for others on my blog, but I thought it was due time that they had a little limelight. I've been organizing my photos and didn't realize how many sessions I had had this past year. I go back and forth almost daily on whether or not I want to keep up my little photography business...but with every family, friend, or new client who asks me to capture these beautiful moments, I feel truly honored. 


  1. So fun! You are so talented, every picture is amazing. Please never stop capturing such wonderful moments!

    1. Thank you...I loved looking back at your pictures from your engagement to your pregnancy to little Eva making her appearance in this world! I'm so glad I was able to capture all of those moments for you! :)

  2. I love each of them. beautiful colors, expression captured, awesome family

  3. You've certainly got the eye for it. Really gorgeous stuff, Jessica. I especially love the newborn captures-so lovely!