Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils

This morning something in the air had changed. I went downstairs to open the curtains and let in the cold dark air.  It took me back to one of those ordinary fall mornings when I was little, except it's not ordinary. There's something magical about the changing of the seasons.  A hint of dampness...fresh and crisp.
I've survived my first two weeks back to school. I'm loving teaching fourth grade again, but like with anything new I'm trying to keep my head above the water while I figure it all out.  I've been breathing, thinking and dreaming school everyday. It's always an adjustment for my husband and for me. Any spouse of a teacher knows that the first month of school overtakes just about every aspect of life. But soon things will calm down again and there will be a normal rhythm to life. I leave most mornings while my family is still peacefully sleeping and my heart always aches a little when I have to say goodbye to Everdeen. 

We still always have dinner together as a family and still love to go on our evening walks. We ask Everdeen about her days at her little school. "Everdeen has own school, mama has own school!" She says every time I pick her up. I can't believe how much her language has developed in the past few weeks.  I love listening to her try to sing the ABC song or Wheels on the Bus.  
Life is good.  It seems like the seasons change just as we begin to long for a freshness and the start of something new. It's nice how it works that way :)


  1. Love the change in the seasons (especially fall)! Chris made the same comment this morning about the air, very crisp!

  2. What a beautiful post! The title is quite possibly my favorite line from a movie… ever! I always feel like watching You've Got Mail during this time of year, don't you? I think it's the little fall carnival they go to. It makes me giddy for colored leaves and pumpkins. Sadly, San Diego weather is still in the high 80s. Fall crispness is wishful thinking for me. ;) I'm glad you're surviving your first weeks of the school year. I totally smiled reading you reflect on them. The exhaustion of the first few weeks of school is unreal! Hang in there Momma.

  3. Enjoy the fall weather for the both of us :)

  4. Yeah please enjoy that crispness for me too! Back to school seems like such a nostalgic, sweet, memorable dream to me.

    And yes, same with Lucy! As soon as she turned two it seems her language just took off! She had lots and lots of words and ways of communicating before, but now she uses sentences very similar to the one you quoted from Everdeen. ("Own" is a favorite of hers). So cute! Have fun and best wishes in the sweet settling-in.

  5. I have been extra tired this back to school season...Oh but I am like you...I enjoy coming home to family time!