Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break, I love you!

Today is my first official day of Spring Break! I've felt so tired all day body can finally relax. This past week was exhausting to say the least.  
And then there was yesterday afternoon.  There we were sitting in the gym for a Chocolate Sales assembly thirty minutes before Spring Break officially started. Hmmm? What do you get when you add wild children and exciting prizes and chocolate? I'll let you ponder that for a moment.  The chocolate lady began her presentation and looked a little frazzled as she tried to quiet down over 200 primary students. "Children? Children? No talking! On your bottoms!"  I gave my 'teacher look' too many times to count to my own students, but their chocolatey glazed over eyes could not see me anymore. They had officially forgotten our Big talk about manners during an assembly and couldn't stop pointing at the neon flashing toys before them. 

Then the excitement really began. The Chocolate Lady began to show our little ones the cool prizes that they could have if you just sell $100 worth of chocolate! Our Kindergarteners don't seem to understand that you actually have to sell something to earn a prize. I think they thought we would go back to our classroom and I would hand each of them the dazzling iPad that had just been shown to them.  What a disappointing feeling when they realized all I had for them was their order form...not even made from chocolate but plain 'ol paper.  

We headed back to our classroom with minutes to spare before the bell rang to signal a week of quiet and tranquility for all teachers.  When the last student had been picked up I stepped quietly into my classroom and took a deep breath. 
I made it. 


  1. i remember those assemblies! enjoy your week off and relax :)

  2. Oh I know the feeling! Yay for Spring Break! Enjoy your time with your sweet Everdeen!

  3. We never had assemblies like that in elementary. All of our fundraisers when we were young were for Scouts or some other organization. I can't imagine how hard it was for everyone to stay calm and seated! Who plans a CHOCOLATE assembly right before spring break? :) Anyway, enjoy your extra time with Everdeen! Have a lovely week...

  4. May I say whole heartedly that I agree! This is how I felt on Friday, glad we can both be home with the little ones thi week!