Saturday, March 9, 2013

A March Snow

We are under another blanket of heavy snow. I always forget that March can be one of our snowiest months...just when spring is starting to make her warm appearance we are reminded that it is still very much winter. At least for another twelve days. 
I'm so ready for spring...for summer.  This has been another challenging school year.  Yelling parents, five year olds who are going on twenty-one. It just doesn't seem right. I close my eyes and try to dream it all away.  Today, as I watch the quiet snow fall, I'm working on a few projects that will hopefully bring new bright changes for our familyI am hopeful that as new life starts to bloom around us in the coming months we can also begin a new season as a family. 
 But until then, we are wrapped in winter snuggled together. And being together is really all that matters, even as we are waiting for life to change and move forward.