Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring? Are you lost?

We are slowly warming up from another big snow storm. The Spring months tend to be some of our snowiest here in Colorado. I remember one year when we were little we built an Easter Bunny from the newly fallen snow instead of a snowman.  I'm not a fan of Spring snow storms...just when we are aching for warm days again BAM! More snow.  

Last weekend I ventured home to my parents home and searched for the first signs of Spring as Everdeen and I took a walk along the banks of the lake.  We watched as a bird caught a fish and swallowed it whole, we saw newly hatched flies sunning themselves on the brick wall, and we saw new green chutes coming up from the frozen ground.  
I wish I could bring Everdeen down to the lake everyday to explore. Some of my most vivid memories as a child are from playing along the neighborhood ditch. My sister and I would create magical worlds...crowns made from dandelions, moss became our gourmet meals, and the tree roots created the rooms of our house.  

I breathed in the sun filled air and warmed my baby's toes between my mittened hands.  I can't wait until we can go outside without a coat on. 
The good thing about Spring snow storms is that they melt quickly. Each time the newest snow melts we are greeted with more and more greenery transforming our wintery surroundings with new life. This snow storm is melting just in time.  My twin sister is on her way home tomorrow and I don't think her Florida bones would survive long in a blizzard :) We are so excited to spend the week together...the way it should be. 
So come on now Spring...bring on your warm Springy days.  I'm ready. 


  1. GORGEOUS photos...i forget how cold it is still in so many places. i can't imagine still having to put on a coat, but oh how i love the snow when it does fall here!

    how cool that you have a twin sister. i hope you two have a blast together. and it is so nice that you and everdeen got to go exploring :)

  2. I LOVE these pictures!! here in Italy is still very cold too! and i'm so looking forward to wear light clothes and have picnics!!