Friday, October 5, 2012

A footy pajamas kind of day

It's only the 5th day of October and already Denver is seeing its first snow fall. Wednesday was 80 degrees...typical Colorado, boiling hot one day and snow the next.

Everdeen and I have been snuggling under blankets all morning long and haven't even attempted to put on normal clothes...and let's be realistic, we probably won't :) 


  1. Sanford and I are doing the same, except we got dressed!

  2. Looks nice and cozy! A girl I graduated high school with lives in Denver and commented on the snow today as well. It wasn't as cold here, but we've had a chilly rain all day. Very wet and damp, and fuzzy blankets and nice-smelling candles sound absolutely wonderful. Have a wonderful, cozy weekend with Everdeen!

    1. The snow surprised us all! I love cold rainy days too...they just make you want to snuggle all day and watch a favorite movie! :)

  3. wishing it was cold enough to snuggle here in muggy hot florida