Friday, September 28, 2012

sometimes I cry like a baby

This week was Everdeen's two month appointment. It went great until it was time for her shots. I had always heard stories of mommies crying when their babies got their first shots and I always thought that was a little over the top...seriously ladies, it's a tiny prick, over in seconds.

Umm, I totally was that mommy. 
I held Everdeen tight and buried my face into her neck and tried my best to soothe her cries all the while my eyes were brimming with big tears that I couldn't keep from over flowing down my face. Each prick brought a new cry, louder than the last. 
Oh, that cry.
She zonked out on the car ride home and was her chipper self the rest of the evening. I think the whole experience was worse for me.  Martin told me the other day that I am "such a typical first time mom."  

It's true. 
I am. 

Yes, I worry and wonder if every little thing she does is normal as I run to look it up in the baby book. "Her hairstyle looks like an old man's! Is that normal?!?"  But that's my job, to make sure she's okay. I will never want to see my little girl in pain, or sad, or afraid.  And I know she will feel all of those things at different times in her life.  But if I can take away even a few seconds of hurt for her when she scrapes her knee or cry with her when she breaks up with her first boyfriend, then I know I am doing my job as her mommy.  


  1. i hear ya! i actually don't cry when she get shots but she was super sick one night and we took aubrey to the er, they did a catheter and i LOST it! i made my husband be in the room. he was lost for words, he said i was the nurse and needed to stay in but i was SOBBING!!! this little ones just steal our hearts and realizing it or not we would do ANYTHING for them.

  2. You'll continue to do your job as a mommy even your baby becomes a mommy. Trust me I know.

  3. First off, Everdeen is so adorable!! Secondly, I cannot believe she is already 2 months. Where did the time go? I can't imagine how you must've felt watching her endure all those shots. I can't blame you for crying. I almost cried reading how you were sobbing! haha Welcome to motherhood, huh?

  4. My mom told me once that she just about cried when my brother and I had our shots back in the day. She said it hurt her, too, knowing that it had to be done, but that she couldn't do anything about it. That she couldn't help us feel the pain less. On the bright side, at least the ordeal does not last a long time. Nor do we really remember the needle pricks. However, as we age, we do remember the moments our mothers were there to comfort us through larger things. She'll need you then, and I don't doubt you'll be there for her. ... and with that, she's getting much bigger! I can't believe she's already two months old.