Friday, April 13, 2012

Are You There Sleep? It's Me, Jessica

I'm pretty sure it would have been nice to know that you don't sleep when you are pregnant. Oh, you did? It's just me?
That's nice.
I was so frustrated last night, tossing and turning (or rather lifting my extra twenty pounds of body up and plopping it down on the other out of breath from that single motion it was pitiful). And there lay my peacefully sleeping husband with the two cats snoring away. I may or may not have glared and muttered mean things in their direction.
(haha I couldn't even get through taking pictures without one of my ginormous yawns)
Everyone jokes and laughs that my body is just preparing itself for when the baby arrives. "Now you'll have practiced what it's like to not sleep!" they say a little too jollily. I don't want to practice. I want to sleep.

Maybe I'm being selfish. 
Maybe I'm grumpy because I haven't slept in almost a week.
Maybe I'm tired of people telling me I look tired.
But there is one nice thing about being wide awake at 3am. Our baby girl is wide awake too.  In fact, I think she may have taken up tap dancing in there.  I'll just add this to my list of things I can make her feel guilty about when she is a snarly teenager :) 


  1. you should institute nap time in kindergarten

  2. sorry you aren't sleeping...I didn't sleep much either.
    I promise it will get better ~Elizabeth

  3. Gosh, it's so annoying when people say that (but also true). and the grumpiness towards a peacefully sleeping husband doesn't get any easier. that was the hardest part for me with a newborn.

    have you tried a pregnancy pillow? i used that one (the Boppy Cuddle Pillow) and it made a HUGE difference for me.I've also heard a long body pillow can help, too.

    I hope it gets better and that maybe this is just a pregnant phase!

    1. Thanks Claire! I will check that out! I'm willing to try anything :)

  4. 27 weeks already!! Time is going by sooo fast...I think you need one of those pillows that people talk about...hope you find sleep soon! (read you baby a bedtime story...maybe that will work)