Sunday, December 11, 2011

Did You Know I Had a Birthday This Year?

I did.
I turned the big 2-7 last month along with my twin sister. We seem to be edging closer and closer to 30 every year.  Funny how that works. 27 always seemed so far away, but here it is.

Year 26 was great. I spent so much of my year truly soul searching.  I wish I could say that when the clock struck 12 on my birthday I magically had all the answers...but I didn't.  I do however, feel more at ease with where my life is at this moment in time. 

I was listening to one of my favorite songs the other day...Dream by Priscilla Ahn. I love this song and every time I listen to it I feel like the song was written for me.
I know my soul searching isn't it ever really?  I know that year 27 is going to be filled with incredible things, people, places. I'm excited for this next year of life. I'm always striving to be a better person, a better wife, friend, sister, daughter.  This will be a year of big changes and I'm ready with my new perspective to take on all the challenges that are coming my way. And I might still have to ask occasionally if this is where I'm supposed to be...but that's okay. I know if I take a moment, close my eyes, and take a deep breath things always look clearer. 
I think I'm liking being 27... 


  1. I turned 26 in August and so far it's been great. I know isn't it crazy 30 isn't too far off? When I was a teenager I thought I'd never get old- or at least, I didn't think it would happen this fast. Craziness.

    I love that song too. Happy very belated birthday to you and your sis!

  2. I'm 23, so I have a ways to go. My brother, however, is 31, so he has much of the same perspective. I enjoyed reading those lyrics and may have to track down the song because I'm curious. I've actually been asking God what I'm meant to do, because I'm at that awkward stage between student and employment. I'm not entirely sure what my skills are or where I should put them to use. I know that the answer will become a bit clearer in the future, but I know I'll always need guidance. Enjoy being 27! Happy Belated Birthday!

  3. To only be 27 again, knowing what I know now. Enjoy each and every day. Life is precious.
    That's a lovely picture of you.

  4. you so do not look 27!!! I'd say early twenties for sure. And I love that song too.

  5. Dawn-I know exactly how you're feeling! I hope that your journey becomes clear to you very soon!
    Kendra-thank you! Sometimes I wish I looked more my age, but I think when I'm old and gray I will enjoy looking younger! :)